What Are Gas Spring Struts?

This page will explain what gas spring struts are, how they work and what they can be used for. For clarification - gas springs, gas pressure springs, gas spring struts, gas rams and gas dampers all loosely describe the same product!

Gas spring struts are very versatile. They can be used as a direct replacement for metal springs in many Applications. They are also used in any situation where a load needs to be eased or an assisting force is required. They are safe, reliable, long lasting and cost effective.

MS Engineering supply many different types of gas spring strut. The most common variety is a standard compression gas spring strut. They are used in compressive loading situations eg. to ease the weight of a heavy hatchway door. There are also tension gas springs which are used in the opposite situation eg. to pull a door open. It is possible to have a gas spring that can lock its position, and there are all sorts of options; stainless steel and jacketed for hostile environments, fail-safe and adjustable force types.

A standard compression gas spring strut is made up of several components. Refer to the diagram below to see the different parts.There is a hardened rod (with a silver chrome finish, although sometimes it has a smokey, nitrided finish) which is attached to the piston. The piston has a rubber sealing ring around it and is guided into the outer tube by a guide piece, which also serves as an end piece. There is another end piece at the other end of the tube. Inside the tube there is a quantity of inert nitrogen gas, under high pressure and some mineral oil. On either end of the gas spring unit there is a threaded stud. These are used to attach end fittings which help to mount the gas spring strut in its application. In the example below, an eye type end-fitting is shown on both ends.

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